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   Design Build Construction has revolutionized the way that consumers, architects, designers and contractors work together to accomplish a common goal.

The approach is not new, Design Build has become a very popular because it eliminates many of the common problems, frustrations and set-backs associated with the traditional construction process.

Design Build is a “one-stop-shop” approach to home building and remodeling where the contractor, architect and designer are all offered by one unified source – the Design Build Contractor. This unification allows the team to operate as a team.

The Design Build advantages include:

-One point of contact from project conception to completion.

-Ensures client building plans are executed with maximum precision and consistency.

-Minimizes cost over runs and unexpected expenditures.

-Avoids costly errors.

-Saves time.

-Minimizes client stress.

-Maximizes client creative input.

-Eliminates finger pointing between subcontractors.



Our Goals

When you contract with Brookhaven Homes, Inc. you can be certain that your project will be treated with the highest levels of professionalism - from concept to completion.

In keeping with our commitment to total client satisfaction, we approach each project with the quality and care that has earned us our outstanding reputation, and allowed us to lead the industry in design and remodeling excellence.

When you retain Brookhaven Homes, Inc. you can rest assured that our workmanship is of the highest quality, and that your project will be properly managed, supervised, and completed on time and on budget with the least amount of disruption to your household.

We stand behind our work, warranty every job, and go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are involved in the process - every step of the way.

The Design-Build Institute of America forecasts that by 2006, the number of Design-BUILD projects will surpass the number of traditional bid projects. 

The DBIA has been a leader in the education of Design-BUILD professionals. Timothy J. Williams, President of Brookhaven Homes, Inc., is currently working on his DBIA designation, which will certify him as one of the leading Design-BUILDERS in the country. One interesting note to mention is the principals of Brookhaven Homes, Inc.  have had a strong orientation toward design since they began. Timothy and his partner, Leslie Williams, designed and drafted many of the buildings they built in the early years of the company. 






The Design Build Process

The Design Build process usually begins with only a concept or an idea. An initial meeting is set to determine the scope and a feasibility study is prepared. From this, the Design/Build contract is drafted and the design phase begins. Design solutions are presented to the client, and from approved schemes, cost options and project specifications are developed and solidified. Final documents are prepared along with the contract for construction. This, of course, is only a simplified overview of what can be an involved process, depending upon the nature of the work and the variety of design solutions, but does provide an outline of how the process proceeds.



1.    With Brookhaven Homes, Inc.  involvement in the site  selection analysis, the client is confident the site will work for the type project desired and knows how much will need to be invested to prepare the site for construction, which can be significant in relation to the raw land cost. 

2.    A guaranteed maximum price for the total project that is within the client’s budget is established early in the process. The client will pay this amount or less.   

3.    Risk for the client is virtually eliminated since there is a single source of accountability for the design, quality, schedule, and budget. There are no change orders for the client after construction begins unless the original scope of work is changed or concealed conditions are discovered. The goal of the project is “no surprises”. 

4.    The project is people and relationship driven versus document driven. Since the team worked closely to design it, they have common objectives and goals to make the project a success. You get the best ideas form the team due to the cooperative spirit.  



5.    Since the finger pointing is eliminated and chances for misunderstandings are reduced, legal fees are minimized. 

6.    Design fees are usually less since the team is assisting the architect with design. In addition, the construction documents usually take less time to prepare than if it was bid. The fees are determined and fixed from the beginning. 

7.    Engineering fees may be reduced on specific types of projects if subcontractors with on-staff engineers design certain systems. 

8.    Quality is maximized since subcontractors are pre-qualified, are known to do excellent work, and enjoy the collaborative, team approach. 

9.    Time can be saved since construction can begin as the design is being completed.   Realistic completion dates are established by the contractor doing the work. 


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